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The PyTorch Foundation is a neutral home for the deep learning community to collaborate on the open source PyTorch framework and ecosystem. The PyTorch Foundation is supported by leading contributors to the PyTorch open source project. The Foundation leverages resources provided by members and contributors to enable community discussions and collaboration.

Community collaboration is critical for the framework’s evolution as well as the development of associated projects that support using PyTorch in production and at scale. As part of The Linux Foundation, the PyTorch community will also collaborate on training, local and regional events, open source developer tooling, academic research, and guides to help new users and contributors have a productive experience. 

Upcoming events

4 jun 2024

Virtual Event

PyTorch Docathon June 4-20th, 2024

We're excited to unveil the forthcoming PyTorch Docathon scheduled June 4th. Similar to a hackathon, the Docathon is a dedicated event aimed at elevating the quality of PyTorch documentation with the invaluable support of our community. Documentation stands as a cornerstone of any technology. Through its refinement, we can streamline the onboarding process for new users embarking on their PyTorch

Past events

Virtual Event

PyTorch Webinar: Using PyTorch to Help Predict Wildfires

Virtual Event

PyTorch Webinar: Seismic Data to Subsurface Models with OpenFWI: Training an AI Model with PyTorch

Virtual Event

PyTorch Webinar: Dinosaur Bone Hunting with Intel AI

Virtual Event

Fall PyTorch Docathon - Nov. 1st RSVP

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