PyTorch Docathon June 4-20th, 2024

PyTorch Foundation

Jun 4, 4:00 PM – Jun 21, 12:00 AM



About this event

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming PyTorch Docathon in June 4-20.   The Docathon, akin to a hackathon, is an event dedicated to enhancing the quality of the PyTorch documentation with the invaluable assistance of our community. Documentation is a vital component of any technology. By refining it, we can simplify the process for new users to get started with PyTorch, guide them in effectively utilizing its features, and ultimately expedite the transition from research to production in machine learning. See our previous events here and here.


The Docathon is an inclusive event designed to be accessible to newcomers, requiring only a basic understanding of Python, PyTorch, and Machine Learning, with some tasks not even requiring these skills. It offers a rewarding experience as participants can see the direct impact of their contributions on the project's usability and accessibility. The Docathon promotes a collaborative environment, allowing participants to work with other contributors and PyTorch maintainers, fostering the exchange of ideas and networking. It also provides a rich learning experience, offering the opportunity to explore PyTorch modules, update docstrings, and test tutorials.


  • June 4: Kick-off
  • June 4-June 16: Submissions and Feedback
  • June 17-18: Final Reviews
  • June 20: Winner Announcements

Further details for the Docathon will be announced at the Kick-off call on June 4.

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