PyTorch Webinar: Dinosaur Bone Hunting with Intel AI

PyTorch Foundation

Feb 6, 6:00 – 7:30 PM



About this event

About this hands on workshop: 

In this talk, Bob will describe how to build an AI bone-hunting tool based on PyTorch and the AI Tools from Intel to create a bone likelihood map to help guide your next dinosaur hunt! All of this will be shown on the Intel® Developer Cloud using PyTorch. To start with, Bob will walk through dinosaur bone identification and the importance of sediment deposits in locating dinosaur bones. Then he will show you how to decompose an image classification problem, like dinosaur fossil hunting, into a few key components: building context from data, proper data representation to this model, model definition/training, and producing actionable insights from model predictions. He has used this model to find new dinosaur bones in the Morrison Formation!

Instructions to participate:

Participants are expected to have an Intel® Developer Cloud account to follow along in the workshop. You can set up a Standard Free Intel® Developer Cloud account by following the “Getting Started” instructions in this blog post. We will be launching a Jupyter Notebook during the workshop as discussed in “Launching a Free Jupyter Notebook for Training”. For now, please make sure that you have your account set up prior to the workshop.


  • Bob Chesebrough


    Sr Solutions Architect

  • Rahul Unnikrishnan Nair


    Architect in Applied AI and the Engineering Lead at Intel® Liftoff

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