OSPO Local Meetup - China (zh-CN Speaking)


OSPO 本地聚会讨论中国开源项目办公室的现状,并促进组织内部采用开源战略。此次活动得到 TODO Group 和 LF APAC OSPO SIG (中国) 的支持。

本地组织者和 TODO 大使是:lijiangsheng1 和 zhiqiang-yu

OSPO Local Meetup to discuss the status of Open Source Program offices in China, and foster the adoption of an open source strategy within organizations. Supported by TODO Group and LF APAC OSPO SIG (China).

Local organizers and TODO Ambassadors are: lijiangsheng1 and zhiqiang-yu

Milestones for the China OSPO Local Meetup are:

  • Start and grow OSPOlogyLive China and OSPO Local Meetups
  • Build bridges between LF APAC OSPO SIG and the wider TODO Community
  • Co-create open source content with regional and global OSPO practitioners
  • Create new or adapt existing OSPO resources for Chinese organizations
  • Bring discussions about the status of OSPOs in China to the TODO community
  • Add previous OSPO “10,000 Miles Journey” into TODO community as local event
  • Help local companies to climb the "Four Stages of the OSPO"
  • Promote local companies to follow open source compliance policies
  • Promote open collaboration with Japan, Korean local communities

Meet the Organizers and TODO Ambassadors

Li Jiansheng

Zhiqiang Yu

Upcoming events

24 abr 2024

Virtual Event

2nd China OSPO Local Meetup supported by TODO Group and LF APAC OSPO SIG (China)

2nd China OSPO Local Meetup supported by TODO Group and LF APAC OSPO SIG

Past events

In-Person Event

开源万里行之走进 ZTE OSPO 暨OSPOlogy 意见征求


OSPO Local Organizer, TODO Ambassador

OSPO Local organizer, TODO Ambassador