Zephyr RTOS: Open Source, Secure, and Ready for Your Next IoT Project (Community Meetup)


Apr 10, 2023, 5:30 – 9:30 AM


About this event


Join us for an exciting event focused on Zephyr RTOS, the lightweight and scalable real-time operating system for embedded devices. As a Zephyr Project Ambassador, Manojkumar Subramaniam will share how Zephyr differs from other RTOS and how it is the perfect candidate for modern IoT applications. Our open-source community offers a wealth of knowledge and resources for developers. We'll also demonstrate how Zephyr RTOS can be easily developed and integrated into cloud platforms. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn about Zephyr RTOS and its potential for revolutionizing IoT development.


Introduction and overview of Zephyr RTOS (30 mins)

  • Welcome and introduction to the event
  • A brief overview of Zephyr RTOS and its features
  • Advantages of using Zephyr for IoT development

Deep dive into Zephyr RTOS (1 hour)

  • Understanding Zephyr's architecture and components
  • Comparing Zephyr to other RTOS solutions
  • Best practices for developing with Zephyr

Open-source community and resources (30 mins)

  • How to contribute to the Zephyr project
  • Overview of the Zephyr developer community
  • Resources available for Zephyr developers

Break (15 mins)

Zephyr demo (1 hour)

  • Step-by-step demo on how to develop with Zephyr RTOS
  • Connecting Zephyr to your platform

Q&A session (30 mins)

  • Answering questions from the audience on Zephyr RTOS and its applications
  • Providing guidance on Zephyr development

Conclusion (15 mins)



Monday, April 10, 2023
5:30 AM – 9:30 AM UTC


  • Manojkumar Subramaniam

    Electrolance Solution

    Founder + Zephyr Ambassador


  • Brett Preston

    Linux Foundation, Senior Program Manager

  • Benjamin Cabé

    The Linux Foundation

    Linux Foundation, Zephyr Developer Advocate

  • Kate Stewart

    Linux Foundation, VP Dependable Embedded Systems

  • Maemalynn Meanor

    Linux Foundation, Director PR and Communications

  • Susan Remmert

    Linux Foundation Europe

    Linux Foundation, PR and Communications

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