Building an OSPO in the Energy Sector: The Alliander experiences

TODO Group | OSPOlogy

Wednesday, March 2, 2022, 4:00 – 4:45 PM UTC



About this event

Business sponsorship, enthusiasm and going for it. Those three ingredients define Alliander’s OSPO. After joining LF Energy and releasing our first open source project under the LF Energy umbrella, we started to recognize the need within Alliander for a group of people with the know-how and mandate to help bring structure and organization to the open source plans. And so some enthusiasts came together and discussed the various open source needs within the company. The OSPO turned out to be an excellent means for this because it created an overview of all open source activities. From there, we started consolidating knowledge, worked on building better open source development practices, familiarized the organization with innersource, improved license compliance, and looked for external opportunities for collaborating via open source. The OSPO as a strategic pillar for change was born. Two years later, here we are. We have released and contributed to many more open source projects, have a functioning Open Source Program Office and are starting to embed the open source mindset in the organization.

In this session, we will tell you more about our OSPO journey, our OSPO ambitions and will be introducing LF Energy.


  • Chris Aniszczyk

    Linux Foundation


  • Amye Scavarda Perrin


  • Ihor Dvoretskyi


  • Ana Jimenez

    TODO Group Program Manager

  • Stephen Jacobs

    Collaborator | TODO Steering Committee Member

  • Shilla Saebi

    Collaborator | TODO Steering Committee Member

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