How to automate your FOSS policy and processes

TODO Group | OSPOlogy

Nov 15, 2022, 4:00 – 4:45 PM



About this event

If you look at the OSPO mind map you will see an OSPO may have lots of responsibilities such as "establish and improve Open Source processes", "oversee Open Source compliance", and "eliminate friction from using and contributing to Open Source". Yet a lot of OSPOs only have a few people working on these responsibilities, especially those who just started their OSPO. How do scale your OSPO with a small team?

Automation is the answer, but that raises the question which tools to use for which use cases. In this session, Thomas will show how several OSPOs have been working together to create open source tooling to automate their FOSS policies and processes. He will demonstrate a reference processes for how one can automate 'oversee Open Source Compliance' and 'Publishing a new open source project' from start to finish and some of the lessons he learned on automation over the years.


  • Thomas Steenbergen

    OSS Review Toolkit, TODO Group

    Open Source Maintainer


  • Chris Aniszczyk

    Linux Foundation


  • Ihor Dvoretskyi


  • Ana Jimenez

    TODO Group Program Manager

  • Shilla Saebi

    Collaborator | TODO Steering Committee Member

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