OSPOlogyLive Frankfurt 🇩🇪

Oct 10, 2023, 7:00 AM – Oct 11, 2023, 12:00 PM

About this event

Join the third OSPO Share & Learn (part presentations, part roundtable sessions) to help organizations effectively implement Open Source Program Offices (OSPOs) based on specific regional needs in Europe. Octobers's OSPOlogy Live is hosted by OSPO at SAP and co-organized with TODO, InnerSourceCommons, LF Energy, OpenChain, SPDX, CHAOSS and OpenSSF projects (additional projects are still to be confirmed).

As seats are limited to 50 people, we recommend attendants to RSVP in advance

📝 AGENDA - Day 1

[8:30 - 9:00] Registration and Hallway Track

[9:00 - 9:15] Welcome

General Open Source 🧭

[9:15 - 9:30] Open Source at SAP: Past, Present, and Future - Peter Giese

Managing open source at scale in global enterprises is all about continuous improvement. In this presentation, Peter will describe the evolution of SAP’s outbound open source process and tooling from its initial state that often took several weeks and required lots of manual steps to its current form that only takes a few days and is largely automated.

[9:30 - 10:00] SBOMs – A short introduction - Max Mehl

Who hasn't heard of SBOMs? They seem to be ubiquitous and shiny tools for them are sprouting up everywhere. But what are they actually all about? What are the use cases? And what often causes practical application to fail? A short introduction for a common understanding, without marketing-speak.

[10:00 - 10:30] Communicating the Value of Open Source Communities through your OSPO - Ana Jiménez

To help with the sustainability and growth of open source projects and their communities, it's crucial for organizations using these projects, to offer robust support. OSPOs stand as the vehicle to position open source projects and their community as a critical part of an organization’s strategy. They ensure that the organization not only becomes a responsible steward of open source software but also maximizes the advantages of open source adoption while mitigating potential risks.

This presentation will delve into the recent findings from the State of the OSPO Study and share best practices from the OSPO Book Working Group when assessing the value of open source activity across different stakeholders and organizational layers.

Security and Risk Mitigation 🔍

[10:30 - 11:00] Panel Discussion | How does the Cyber Resilience Act affect Organizations and their OSPOs? - Mirko Boehm (Linux Foundation), Sachiko Muto (RISE Research Institute, Open Forum Europe), Thomas Steenbergen (EPAM) and Peter Giese (SAP)

What is the CRA, and how does it impact organizations that utilize and develop open-source projects both within and outside of Europe? What is its scope, and how does it address vulnerabilities? How are OSPOs assisting organizations in navigating the CRA? This panel will delve into these topics and more

[11:00 - 11:30] Coffee Break & Hallway Track

InnerSource and Culture 🧑‍🏫

[11:30 - 12:00] InnerSource Programs Offices: An outlook - Georg Grütter

What is an InnerSource Program Office (ISPO) and why would I want one? What are the responsibilities of an ISPO and how are they different from those of an OSPO? Shouldn't we practice Open Source rather than InnerSource, anyway? These are questions Georg will explore in his talk.

Project Health and Community Sustainability 🌱

[12:00 - 12:30] Getting More Value from your OSPO - Dawn Foster

Your OSPO is at the center of gravity for your organization’s open source efforts, and it plays an important role in engaging your business units, employees, and the broader open source community in a healthy and sustainable way. Collaboration in open source projects is important for companies, and it can be more successful when OSPO leadership takes a strategic approach to sustaining contributions. This talk will focus on ways to foster strategic alignment between individual employee contributors, the business units within your company, and open source communities to help all of us become more successful and productive by working together.

The talk contains several major sections. 1) Taking a strategic approach to partnering with business units across your organization. 2) Crafting OSPO policies to contribute to open source projects in ways that will benefit your entire company, your employees, and the open source community. 3) Creating a metrics strategy to measure and demonstrate value.

The audience will walk away with practical tips about ways to get more value from your OSPO to improve the open source experience for your employees, your company, and open source communities.

[12:30 - 13:30] Lunch

Move Into Roundtables Day 1 ⭐️

[13:30 - 15:45] Icebreaking and Roundtable Sessions

[15:45 - 16:15] Share learnings / Input from Roundtables

[16:30] Depart to Social Event

The social event will be held at Yumas, a Mexican restaurant that is 3 minutes walk from the SAP offices.

📝 AGENDA - Day 2

[9:00 - 9:15] Welcome

Outbound Open Source and Strategy 🧩

[9:15 - 9:55] A Vision of FOSS at Mercedes-Benz - Wolfgang Gehring

Mercedes-Benz made a firm decision not to merely use FOSS (Free and Open Source Software), but to wholeheartedly embrace all its aspects. To achieve this,  Mercedes-Benz established a dedicated Open Source Program Office and developed an Open and InnerSource strategy. However, before diving in, they needed to define what it truly meant to "embrace FOSS". Join Wolfgang on their journey that began about 6 years ago. He will share the valuable lessons they learned, the critical points they encountered while implementing the strategy, and the things they wish they had known from the start

Project Health and Community Sustainability 🌱

[9:55 - 10:30] Selecting the Right Collections of Sustainability Metrics - Sean Goggins

Based on the learnings and expertise from the Open Source CHAOSS Metrics project, Sean will show to the audience ways to measure and understand sustainability efforts for organizations. Join the session and explore the different CHAOSS Metrics models (collections of metrics that are brought together to provide deeper context and answer more complex questions about a community’s health) that are valuable for OSPO day-to-day operations.

[10:30 - 11:00] Coffee Break & Hallway Track

Move Into Roundtables Day 2 ⭐️⭐️

[11:00 - 12:30] Roundtable Sessions

[12:30 - 13:30] Lunch

[13:30 - 14:15] Share learnings / Input from the Roundtable session

[14:15] Adjourn


Open source experts are highly involved in open source projects, communities, and foundations. Below is a list of official moderators who will be assisting with breakout conversations: 

1️⃣ Security Best Practices

- Moderator: Coming Soon

2️⃣ Outbound Open Source Best Practices

- Moderator: Thomas Steenbergen

3️⃣ Upcoming OSPO Challenges and Trends

- Moderator: Ana Jiménez

4️⃣ InnerSourcing within Open Source Initiatives

- Moderator: Guilherme Dellagustin


Venue information


Frankfurter Straße 1

65760 Eschborn


All visitors are required to sign in at the receptionist desk and must always possess and display a valid SAP badge while in any SAP facility.

Getting there information

Public transportation

S-Bahn line S3 (direction: Bad Soden, Taunus) to Eschborn Süd stop

S-Bahn line S4 (direction: Kronberg, Taunus) to Eschborn Süd stop

From the Eschborn Süd stop it’s a 15-minute walk to the SAP building.

Alternatively, you can also take the bus from Eschborn Süd to the SAP building:

Bus 813 (direction: Südbahnhof, Eschborn) to Rahmannstraße

Bus 58 (direction: Flughafen Terminal 1, Frankfurt a.M.) to Frankfurter Straße

From there you only cross the street to get to the building.

By car

Enter “Mergenthaler Allee” as the destination address in your navigation system. This will give you directions to the parking garage.

Visitors and guests can only enter the parking garage during regular reception hours as the rolling gates are open during the building opening hours. 

The parking garage can be exited at any time.


Canteen Eschborn

Hotel information

Please note, rooms might sell out in advance. We encourage you to book early to secure a room. SAP has not contracted rooms at these properties and cannot guarantee rates or availability.

H+Hotels, Frankfurter ★★★★

Str. 5, 65760 Eschborn

Walking distance: 0 minutes

Reviews on booking: 8,8 (cheaper rates with HotMiles App)

Best Western Plus iO Hotel ★★★★

Graf-Zeppelin-Straße 2, 65824 Schwalbach/ Eschborn

Walking distance: 7 minutes

Reviews on booking.com: 8.3

MOXY Frankfurt Eschborn ★★★★

Mannheimer Straße 1, 65760 Eschborn

Walking distance: 2 minutes

Reviews on booking.com: 8.1

The Nui Belt ★★★

Mergenthalerallee 23-25, 65760 Eschborn

Walking distance: 8 minutes

Reviews on booking.com: 8.3

Mercure Hotel Frankfurt Eschborn Süd ★★★★

Frankfurter Straße 71-75, 65760 Eschborn

Walking distance: 10 minutes

Reviews on booking.com: 7.0

Leonardo Hotel Eschborn Frankfurt ★★★★

Koelner Str. 6, 65760 Eschborn

Walking distance: 5 minutes

Reviews on booking.com: 8.6

* Please note that all session times are in Central European Time (UTC+01:00)

➡️ OSPOlogy Live is under Chatham House Rules  and Linux Foundation policies and code of conduct


  • Dawn Foster

    CHAOSS Project

    Director of Data Science

  • David Hirsch

    Dynatrace OSPO

    Program Manager

  • Peter Giese


    Open Source Program Office Director

  • Max Mehl

    Deutsche Bahn

    Open Source Strategy and Governance

  • Sean Goggins

    CHAOSS Project

    Co-founder and Maintainer

  • Wolfgang Gehring

    Mercedes Benz-TI

    OSPO Lead

  • Georg Grütter

    Bosch Digital

    Chief Expert InnerSource

  • Thomas Steenbergen

    OSS Review Toolkit

    Open Source Maintainer

  • Ana Jiménez Santamaría

    TODO Group, Linux Foundation

    OSPO Program Manager

  • Mirko Boehm

    Linux Foundation Europe

    Senior Director, Community Development



October 10 – 11, 2023
7:00 AM – 12:00 PM UTC


  • SAP Open Source



  • Ana Jimenez


  • Thomas Steenbergen


  • Shane Coughlan

    OSPOlogy.live Organizer | OpenChain

  • Sean Goggins

    OSPOlogy.live Organizer | CHAOSS

  • Clare Dillon

    OSPOlogy.live Organizer | InnerSource Commons


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