OSPOlogy Europe: February 2023 Regular Sync

OSPOlogy European Chapter

Feb 23, 2023, 2:00 – 2:45 PM



About this event

This chapter was created with the aim of working together to improve OSPO adoption and education within Europe and discuss with the broader community the challenges European organizations face when implementing an open source program under Chatham House Rules.

The European chapter runs public and EMEA-friendly time meetings. These are scheduled every last Thursday of the month at 1 PM (UTC). More information can be found in the TODO Community repo OSPOlogy: https://github.com/todogroup/ospology


  • Ana Jimenez


  • Thomas Steenbergen


  • Dawn Foster

    OSPOlogy.live Organizer | CHAOSS

  • Shane Coughlan

    OSPOlogy.live Organizer | OpenChain

  • Sean Goggins

    OSPOlogy.live Organizer | CHAOSS

  • Clare Dillon

    OSPOlogy.live Organizer | InnerSource Commons

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