2nd Japan OSPO Local Meetup supported by TODO Group and OpenChain Japan WG

About this event

日時 (Time and Date):2/17 (Fri) 15:00-16:00

参加方法 (Event Type):Online (オンライン形式)


  ( No application for participation required, Participation required to follow an Antitrust Law, LF Code of Conduct, and Chatham House rules. )

   •Zoom Meeting ID: 84799126957 / パスワード: 3L3NNss1

    ( https://zoom.us/j/84799126957?pwd=UzRJWkpxa1FlbkRNVHhVbFJVNnMwUT09 )

議題 (Agenda):

 OSPO 成熟度モデルを見ながら、各社のリアルな課題を元に



 (While looking at the OSPO maturity model, map out the challenges at which stage based on the real challenges of each company, and leave the results so that the Chatham House Rules do not tell who's challenge is.)

参考 (Reference):

  OSPO 成熟度モデル (matulity model)

  https://www.linuxfoundation.jp/wp-content/uploads//2022/08/LFResearch_OSPO_Report-jp.pdf (P.9-10)

 Good Gavernance Initiative (OSPO.zone)



  • Masayuki Kuwata

    Masayuki Kuwata

    OSPO Local Meetup Japan Organizer

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