Kedro Showcase - Session 1

LF AI & Data Foundation

Oct 12, 2022, 8:00 – 8:45 AM



About this event

Join us for Kedro Roadmap Showcase! We're going to be detailing what we've been up to in the 0.18.x releases and where we're going next.

Additionally, we'll also use your time to discuss one of our upcoming changes to way we handle datasets in Kedro. Expect a lot of updates on new functionality and an open forum with the core team. Bring your many questions and have a great time. 


  • Merel Theisen

    Kedro Project

    Framework Tech Lead

  • Jannic Holzer

    Kedro Project

    Software Engineer

  • Andrew Mackay

    Kedro Project

    Senior Product Designer

  • Yetunde Dada

    Kedro Project

    Product Lead


  • Ahdra Merali

    Kedro Project

    Software Engineer

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