Streaming Delta Lake with Apache Spark Structured Streaming

Delta Lake

Mar 21, 4:00 – 5:00 PM



About this event

Delta Lake is well known for its great data analytics and batch processing capabilities, but did you know that Delta Lake has also been part of the streaming world since the beginning? Join this talk and learn all about streaming Delta Lake tables with Apache Spark Structured Streaming!

This webinar will discuss the streaming layer around three main sections. You'll learn about the reading execution flow and see the impact of the in-place changes. Then, learn about the writer. The talk will end with schema changes that can be a troublemaker even for a seasoned stream processing engineer. Bring your questions because this session will end with a live Q&A with the speakers.


  • Scott Haines


    Distinguished Software Engineer

  • Bartosz Konieczny

    Freelance Data Engineer


  • Carly Akerly

    Marketing Manager

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