Module 2: Delta Lake 1.2 Tutorial with Jacek Laskowski

Delta Lake

May 31, 2022, 4:30 – 5:30 PM



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Join us for Module 2: DML and Schema - Tuesday, May 31

-Create, Insert, Update, Delete, Merge

-Schema Enforcement and Evolution

This 3-part workshop is intended to teach you what Delta Lake is and how to use Apache Spark™ and Delta Lake in your data architectures for reliable large-scale distributed data pipelines. This course will show the features of Delta Lake that, alongside Spark SQL and Spark Structured Streaming, introduce ACID transactions and time travel (data versioning) to your ETL batch and streaming workloads. Slides, demos, exercises, and Q&A sessions should all together help you understand the concepts of the modern data lakehouse architecture.


-Sign up for Databricks Community Edition

-Participants are recommended to have experience with Apache Spark SQL and Python (PySpark)

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Module 3: Tuesday, June 14: SQL and the Transaction Log


  • Jacek Laskowski

    IT Freelancer for Apache Spark, Delta Lake, Apache Kafka & Kafka Streams

  • Denny Lee


    Developer Advocate


  • Carly Akerly

    Marketing Manager

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