D3L2: delta-rs at Back Market: Python and Rust, the best of both worlds

Delta Lake

Nov 17, 2022, 5:00 – 6:00 PM


Join Florian Valeye, Delta Lake committer and Staff Data Engineer at Back Market, as he discusses how Delta Rust and Python are the best of both worlds with Denny Lee, Delta Lake committer and Databricks developer advocate, for this informal AMA-style discussion.


About this event

The refurbished consumer electronics market is growing significantly as an alternative to purchasing new devices. With over 6 million customers, Back Market is the leading dedicated renewed tech marketplace bringing high-quality professionally refurbished electronic devices and appliances, including smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, and more. The key to ensuring they meet the needs of each customer and seller is data, but as analytical workloads rose, so did the need to consume their data in a rapid, efficient and secure manner.

To enable this, Florian Valeye (a Delta Lake Committer) and the engineering team at Back Market have been important contributors to the creation of the Delta Rust API and associated Python bindings to enable low-latency queries of delta table without having to spin up a Spark cluster. They've also been actively involved in Delta Lake community office hours, contributors to the AWS Labs Athena Federation, reviewing code, and even our partnerships with Google BigQuery.


  • Florian Valeye

    Back Market

    Staff Data Engineer


  • Denny Lee


    Developer Advocate


  • Carly Akerly

    Marketing Manager

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