D3L2: Cybersecurity, Data Mesh, and Delta Lake at HSBC

Delta Lake

Aug 30, 2022, 4:00 – 4:45 PM



About this event

Due to the unique cybersecurity challenges that HSBC faces daily - from high data volumes to untrustworthy sources to the privacy and security restrictions of a highly regulated industry - the resulting architecture was an unwieldy set of disparate data silos. So, how do we build a cybersecurity advanced analytics environment to enrich and transform these myriad data sources into a unified, well-documented, robust, resilient, repeatable, scalable, maintainable platform that will empower the cyber analysts of the future? That at the same time remains cost-effective and enables everyone from the less-technical junior reporting user to the senior machine learning engineers?

In this session, Ryan Harris, Principal Cybersecurity Engineer at HSBC, follows up on his Data+AI Summit 2022 session Accidentally Building a Petabyte-Scale Cybersecurity Data Mesh in Azure With Delta Lake at HSBC with Denny Lee for this fun ask-us-anything technical session. We can dive into the infrastructure and architecture employed, ranging from the landing zone concepts, secure access workstations, data lake structure, and isolated data ingestion, to the enterprise integration layer. Ask your questions on how to build a flexible, secure, self-service environment that is unlocking your team’s data capabilities.


  • Ryan Harris


    Principal Cybersecurity Engineer


  • Denny Lee


    Developer Advocate


  • Carly Akerly

    Marketing Manager

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